Greetings Fellow Alumni,

We are gearing up for another Annual Alumni Weekend, and we hope you are planning to support and attend our activities.  This newsletter highlights many of the great things going on at Douglass, contrary to what we hear in the mainstream news!  Like our nation, our state and cities across America, Baltimore is plagued by the plethora of problems confronting us in this twenty-first century.   Our school is merely a microcosm of our city, however; “Still We Rise” and will continue the struggle to make Frederick High School once again the best high school in our city. We can do this by highlighting the great things that are still going on in our alma mater, and by encouraging our parents, students and staff to continue the quest for “Pride, Dignity and Academic Excellence” that was established over 130 years ago.  Principal Bridgers and his staff has reached out to the community bringing in stakeholders and dignitaries to observe our students at work and encouraging them to do their best to provide our students with resources to cultivate the greatness in them!  Imagine how much more can happen with your help!


One of the great things that we do as alumni is provide scholarship money for deserving students.  Remember, the Historic Frederick Douglass High School Alumni Association, Inc., is comprised of members from all graduating classes of Douglass High School.


The process for awarding scholarships is already in place and our Scholarship Committee works closely with the counselors at the school to select students for the scholarships.  We encourage all classes to make contributions in the name of their class to be awarded to the students. During the February 2017 General Membership meeting, the Class of 1965 made a $1,000 donation to the Scholarship Committee to be awarded to a graduating senior this year.  We’ll post the complete list of classes making contributions in the next newsletter.  We hope to see your class listed!


Kudos and hats off to Mr. Albert Wylie, Class of ’64, for helping to make Douglass Great Again!  The Wylie Funeral Home of Baltimore, has made a substantial contribution to defray the cost of college text books for Douglass students who are in the Dual Enrollment Program.   If you have a business, please inquire as to ways you too can support the students of Douglass.


Let’s uphold our motto, “pride, dignity and excellence” and do our part to restore Frederick Douglass as an apex of producing leaders in Baltimore by helping each student discover his/her innate gift of greatness.  “Hail O’ Douglass High!”

Brenda G. Thomas, ‘75


HFDHS Alumni Association