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From the judge’s bench to the jury box, the quality of design and workmanship speaks of the quality of the conception behind the New Moot Courtroom at Frederick Douglass High School.  Principal Hurt is developing a knowledgeable staff to help get the law program in the Leadership Academy underway. There is already a burgeoning interest in the student body.

The history of Douglass High School is rich in the roles our alumni have played in the law.  Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Donald Gaines Murray, who desegregated the University of Maryland School of Law, Appellate Court Judge Arrie Davis, Judge Robert Watts, Judge George Russell and many others engaged in the law have called Douglass High their academic parent.

Plans are in place to name the law center after the Honorable Harry Cole, F ’39, who was the first African American to serve on the Court of Appeals, Maryland’s highest court.

Alumni who visit the campus should certainly plan to visit the third-floor courtroom.  While there, make note of the empty bookshelves. Dr. Hurt has issued a challenge to all alumni to help equip the center with books and other materials to enrich the experiences of the students.


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